The Miyaneh Thunder's Eggs

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Miyaneh thunder's egg field, Miyaneh, Easth Azarbayjan province

What we named “Miyaneh thunder’s eggfield” here is a group of T.E fields those located in southeast Miyaneh city and about 20 to 30 km far from it. This area covered the volcanic outcrops near villages Giz Galasi, Ghaleh Sang, Mavi, Vahil-gavani and Eskough which named Ghaflan Kuh area in general.  The prominent geological phenomenon of this mountainous area is a vast volcanic rocks which form all eminences of area. These volcanic rocks are a thick sequences of lava & tuff layers which are mostly massive and rhyolith to rhyodacite and trachyte in composition. Some perlite and pumice sparse layers could be seen in the area. All above introduce an acidic volcanic activity which happened during Oligo-Miocene. This extensive volcanic state is mostly weathered on surface.

Thunder’s eggs found as loose nodules in different sizes which scattered on surface of mounds. Nodules are between 3 to more than 30 cm in diameter and are mostly spherical to ellipsoidal in shape. The outer skin of them show the famous “turtle’s back” structure which is common in T.Es. This thunder’s eggs are mostly fill with blue to pale blue chalcedony with liesegang banding and in some cases geode structure. But “ water level “ thunder’s egg with their well-known horizontally bands has not been reported.    

"Click on photos for seeing more details in larger size"

Location of Miyaneh thunder's egg field in Iran

Ghaflan Kouh bridge, on Ghezel Ozan river, one of the oldest bridges of Iran (1510) located nearby the Miyaneh T.E fields. This bridge exploded in December 6th 1946 by Democrat seperatist rebels during civil war ufortunatly. 

A Star shape blue thunder's egg nodule from southeast Miyaneh, 97x90 mm

 A helical shape blue thunder's egg nodule from Giz Galasi area, SE Miyaneh, 130x72 mm

A hollow center blue thunder's egg from Giz Galasi area, SE Miyaneh, 110x70 mm

A blue thunder's egg nodule from Giz Galasi area, SE Miyaneh, 77x70 mm