The Gevey Agate Field

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Gevey agate field, Torbat-e-Jam, Khorassan-e-Razavi province

Gevey agate field is located in 20 km southwest Toorbat-e-Jam little city, about 150 km Southeast Mashhad in northwest Iran. This agate field is situated in a limited outcrop of a volcanic sequence which composed mainly of andesite, trachyandesite, basalt and ignemberite lava and associated tuffs. This sequence which formed eminences of west Gevey village is Paleocene to lower Eocene in age, based on GSI surveying report. 

The economical importance of area is due to a little hydrothermally vein type mine of barite which is in operation now. Indices of agate, jasper and bentonite mineralizations found beside this mine later. Loose nodules of agate and geodes scattered on the surface by weathering. Most of nodules are “frozen” geodes, but good quality agates are not rare! Agates are white-gray in color. Fracturing related to weathering is fatal feature mostly. Geodes are filled with clear quartz and rarely pale amethyst crystals.  Presence of barite mineralization beside agates, limited vein jaspers  and bentonitization of tuff layers strengthen the theory of relation between genesis of agates and post volcanic hydrothermal activities.    

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Location of Gevey agate field in Iran

Volcanic mounds of Gevey agate field, Gevey village seen in back ground. 

Volcanic tuff layers in some places turn in to bentonite hydrothermally 

Nodular banded agate 62x40 mm

Nodular banded agate 107x57 mm

Nodular agate with collapsed structure 60x43 mm

Nodule fully filled with sedimentary materials and a Jasper band enclosed them 62x40 mm

Loose nodules of agate and geodes in different sizes scattered on the surface

Nodular banded agate 61x53 mm

Nodular agate with Chlorite inclusions 85x64 mm

Nodular banded agate 124x51 mm

Nodular agate with sedimentary structures in base part 76x59 mm

A geode of quartz with small hollow centre 65x59 mm

Geode with lining of pale violet amethyst with a reddish crystal of barite on them (centre of left hand half) 70x70 mm