The Bamroud Agate Field

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Bamroud agate field, Ghayen, South Khorassan province

Bamroud is the most economical agate field in Iran which is full of beautiful agate nodules, indeed. However the color range in these agates is somewhat limited to colorless, white, blue, grey, smoky and rarely orange, but variance in their patterns and internal structures compensate this limitation. Presence of special patterns like Stalactitic agate, Eye agate, Moss agate rise the commercial value of these agates.  Also size, quality, commercial value and variety of nodules, beside the extent of agate bearing layer (about 36 Km2) are not contrastable with other agate fields in Iran.

Bamroud agate field is some different from other agate fields in Iran in appearance and genesis. This agate field is located in a little inter-mountain plain which has discovered by locals in 1972 by accident. But there is stories that told that locals well-knew this agate field from the past. This area is situated in north of Bamroud small village between Ghayen and Shahrakht in east of Iran, near the border of Afghanistan. The agate-bearing  layer is a very weathered green tuff layer which is buried under a thin layer of alluvium plain. Both of them are unconsolidated and could excavate without blasting and only by simple digging. This green tuff is andesitic to rhyolitic in composition and based on geological maps is Upper Eocene in age.

There is several years that agate field is under limited extraction by a local miner, Mr. Haji Mohamadi. His workers extract agates by manual digging and no mechanized extracting has been ever done. He sell his limit agate production in cabochon making market of Mashad city.

 "Click on photos for seeing more details in larger size"

Location of Bamroud agate field in Iran

Sight of Bamroud plane

Pits of agate mining site

Manual excavation of pits by locals

Digging continue until reaching green tuff layer

A loose nodul of agate

A rare nodule of Carnelian banded agate

Haji Mohamadi and me on an agate bank in front yard of his house

A nice moss agate cabochon from Bamroud agate mine on Haji Mohamadi's ring

A handful of Bamroud agates which have tested for cabochon making by coarse grinding

Banded agate from Bamroud 39x31mm

"Jaggy" banded agate from Bamroud 53x37mm

"Teeth patterns" in bands, side edge size 20 mm

Banded agate from Bamroud 57x49mm

......"Ugly Duckling" ....150x102 mm (each one) :-)

Statactitic agate 58x38mm

Banded agate from Bamroud 104x79mm

Banded agate with distorted banding from Bamroud 103x53mm

"Number one" which looks like number 1 pattern in Arabic numbering. 61x48mm

Pseudomorph Agate from Bamroud, 148x72mm

Pseudomorph Agate from Bamroud, 112x62mm

Horizontally banded agate from Bamroud 50x41mm

Pale rose horizontally banded agate from Bamroud 60x52mm

Horizontally banded agate with discontinuous banding from Bamroud 70x50mm

Horizontally banded agate with continuous banding from Bamroud 58x36 mm

Horizontally banded agate with quartz-filled center from Bamroud 62x39 mm