The Baraghan Agate Field

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Baraghan agate field, Karadj, Tehran province

Baraghan agate field is one of the high elevation agate fields of Iran (2105 m) which worthy to visit because of its vicinity to Tehran, the capital. It is located about 48 km NW Tehran and 11 km NW Karadj city beside the first class road of Baraghan, a little nice village. This area is a little part of the southern side of Central Alborz mountains chain.Agate could be found in two main types: veins of moss agates mainly yellow to red in color, and white to grey and colorless nodular banded agates which are 1 to rarely 10 cm in diameter. The last, filled the gas vesicles of a porphyry andesite which is Eocene in age. Vein agates with 20-30 cm thickness filled the secondary fractures of andesitic sequence.


"Click on photos for seeing more details in larger size"

Location of Baraghan agate field in Iran

Baraghan agate field located in high mountains of NW Karadj city

An agate nodule which has filled the vesicules of the gas in the basal porphyry andesite

Red and yellow moss agate veins in andesit's fractures


Red moss agate vein. 59x39 mm

Nodular agate. 37x31 mm

Pinched out shape nodular agate. 41x26 mm


Nodular agates are little in size, and white to colorless in color.

A polished section of basal porphyry andesite band which hosts the agate nodules and its vesicles filled with chalcedony. 86x56 mm

Yellow moss agate vein. 64x40 mm

Nodular agate. 66x47 mm

Moss agate. 45x38 mm

Agate with stalactitic and eye shape stractures. 79x64 mm

Sagenitic agate with Zeolite(?) inclusions. 37x28 mm